Container Gardening Post #4

Inconceivable! Honestly, it was beyond tempting to do it.

After being sprayed with horticultural soap, some of my container gardening plants began to grow again and turn green. I killed the spider mites although I did have to make two applications, one week apart. Unfortunately, the beans did not recover from the spider mite destruction and died. Their leaves turned yellow, paper thin and […]

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Container Gardening Post #3

Rose infested with spider mites

The culprit I found crawling on my container gardening veggie plants was none other than the infamous spider mite! Spider mites are insidious little critters that suck plant juices and cause plant leaves to turn yellow and wilt. Because they are microscopic, it’s easy to think your plants may just need fertilizer at first. This […]

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Container Gardening Post #2

Newly planted patio garden

Not long after planting vegetables, herbs and melons into my CedarCraft elevated garden planter and eclectic assortment of other containers, the weather turned cool. The plants seemed to be suspended in time, not growing at all. I peered at the plants everyday, and one day noticed that many of the leaves on food plants had […]

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