Pacific Coast IrisPlant Profiles

pacific-coast iris grissos fancy Anne-of-Green-Gardens

Pacific Coast iris, also called Douglas iris, resemble bearded irises in leaf and flower appearance but are much more diminutive. Bearded iris flowers tend to stand tall above their leaves, while Pacific Coast iris flowers are shorter.

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Anne’s Top 7 Gardening Tips

Annes 7 Tips-Anne-of-Green-Gardens

Tip #1 Everybody makes mistakes! All of the gardeners you know and admire (even famous ones) have made plenty of mistakes and killed tons of plants, whether they admit to it or not. As Albert Einstein said, “Failure is success in progress.” And as my good friend Ann Ralph said, “If you’ve never killed a […]

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Buckwheat (Eriogonum)Plant Profiles

red-buckwheat-E-rubescens-Anne-of-Green-Gardens 2

CA buckwheat, or Eriogonum is a drought tolerant California native plant with lots of personality. Eriogonums, also known as buckwheat* feature plants of various heights and spreads that work well in most landscapes. The flowers are splashy and prolific and last for a long time. Description of Plant Buckwheats can be 1 foot tall to […]

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