Mosquitoes, Zika, West NileInsects in the Garden


The threat of West Nile, Zika and viruses transmitted by mosquitoes is enough to send most people scurrying indoors. But what’s a gardener to do? We’re frequently outdoors morning, noon and/or night tending our plants. In the past, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) instructed people to stay indoors at dusk since that’s when mosquitoes were […]

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Plant Winter Vegetables in SummerVegetable Gardening


Did you know that winter vegetables aren’t planted in winter, they’re planted in summer? Certain vegetable crops may need 6 weeks to a few months to grow from seed, such as cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, broccoli, collards, Brussels sprouts, and leeks. Now is also a good time to start mustard greens, beets, kale, spinach and herbs […]

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Summertime-Plant Colorful Carrots!Vegetables


Plant colorful carrot seeds now and harvest amazing tasting carrots this fall! You won’t believe how sweet they are compared to any other carrot you’ve ever tried. Look for colorful carrot seeds from Renee’s Garden or Botanical Interests. Colorful Carrot Varieties When you shop for seeds, you’ll see there are so many different colorful carrots […]

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