Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco


The Conservatory of Flowers is one of my favorite places to visit in San Francisco. The gorgeous Victorian-style conservatory is located in Golden Gate Park and is surrounded by a large park with plenty of places to picnic, ride a bicycle and enjoy the sun. On cold days, the interior of the conservatory is an […]

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Presidio Native Plant Nursery


This summer has been extremely hot! My friend Holly (of Kimchi Kawaii fame) and I decided to leave town and escape the 106 degree heat and “chill” in San Francisco. Holly and I have explored much of San Fran, but we’ve never visited the Presidio, a historic military park built in 1776, before California was […]

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Confessions of a Not-So-Perfect Gardener


As a fellow gardener and a college graduate of horticulture, I feel a lot of pressure to be a perfect gardener. Along with having a 40 hour work week as many of you do, as well as weekly chores, I’m unable to focus 100% of my time on gardening and blogging. Aside from these facts, […]

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